Community Assembly and Landscape Ecology

Jenna Lawson

I joined the cale lab in 2017 after several years working on field based conservation projects in the tropics. I developed the idea for my PhD research whilst working in Costa Rica, in conjunction with local government wildlife services. 

My research uses acoustics to understand the threats to the Geoffroy’s spider monkey and the general soundscape. Through a network of almost 400 audio recorders, recording over a one year period, we are able to better understand the distribution of this endangered primate and the threats it faces, as well as the diversity in the soundscape of across a gradient of human disturbance. 

I am currently working with audio-visual artists to present the first findings from our study as an immersive experience, designed to highlight the immense biodiversity in untouched forests and the silence in converted plantation forestry, known as silent forests. 

You can view this 40 minute piece here.