Community Assembly and Landscape Ecology


Current Lab Members

Cristina Banks-Leite

Cris works at the interface of community ecology and landscape ecology, and her main goal is to unveil the causes and consequences of species turnover and species extinction in human-modified landscapes.

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Jenna Lawson

My research use acoustics to understand the threats to the Geoffroys spider monkey and the soundscape from anthropogenic disturbance.

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Flavia Bellotto Trigo

I am a third year PhD student looking at species responses to habitat loss and fragmentation across species distribution ranges.

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Elise Damstra

I work on acoustic ecology to see how biodiversity responds to environmental gradients.

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Ben Howes

My research focuses on the role intraspecific variability plays in determining species resilience to environmental change.

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Ben Howes

Galina Jönsson

I work in quantitative ecology with a focus on utilising natural history collections to understand past biodiversity trends.

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Adam Fraser

I am investigating how habitat loss, fragmentation and degradation impacts ecosystem function and processes.

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Elliot Bairstow

I am investigating whether lizards response to deforestation are mediated by distance to range edge.

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Beth Brand

I am working with the Costwolds AONB to determine how changes in land use can improve biodiversity and carbon sequestration.

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Emily Carroll

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Sorrell Cowen

I am investigating whether mammals response to deforestation are mediated by distance to range edge.

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Anna David

I am analysing proxies for physiological stress and investigating how they vary across species and at different distances to range edge (and at levels of deforestation).

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Elisa Amaranta Mogollon Perez

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Freddie Wilkinson

I am investigating whether trait variability is influenced by habitat loss and distace to range edge.

Clara Zheng

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Former Lab Members

Jack Hatfield

Jack left Silwood in 2018 after 6 years of Masters, PhD and Postdoc. Jack was funded by ECOFOR and his thesis looked at birds responses to habitat loss and fragmentation in Brazil.

Jack was a warden, teacher on UG and PG and general statistics guru. He also who sat in the lab’s darkest corner and never turned the lights on. To this day I still wonder whether he’s a vampire.

Jack is now doing a postdoc in York.

Paula Vargas Pellicer

Paula did her PhD on the gut microbiota of passerines. Paula was also a central figure in Silwood, helping dozens of masters students in their stats, mist netting blue tits and massaging their guts to collect their poo (yes, a bit weird).

Paula is now back home in Mexico doing a postdoc and currently on maternity leave caring for her beautiful baby.

Edicson Parra Sánchez

Edicson did his PhD on the effects of habitat loss and fragmentation on epiphytes. Edicson was a warden for many years and generally brought a much needed South American mood to Silwood. He also worked as a Knowledge Exchange postdoc in ECOFOR – check his cartilha in Impact!

Edicson is interested on quantifying the magnitude and extent of human modifications of the landscape on Neotropical flora.

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Michelle Harrison

Michelle did her PhD on trophic cascades triggered by vertebrate exclusion across a gradient of habitat loss and distance to forest edge. Michelle lived for a few months at my parent’s farm in Brazil (see photo with Cafe – the dog), and collected a huge amount of data in the ECOFOR study region. Michelle has the most brilliant sense of humour and amazing writing skills.

Michelle is currently working at UNEP-WCMC.