Community Assembly and Landscape Ecology


In 2019, I was interviewed by the New York Times about Matt Betts paper on Science, of which I was a co-author. In this paper, we show that tropical species are more sensitive by edge effects than temperate species, and this is due to the higher frequency of disturbances  (e.g., glaciation, hurricanes) in higher latitudes. Click on photo below to see the article by Carl Zimmer.

In 2019, one day I received an email from BBC journalist Nadeem Shad about a question he had regarding species extinction. One email led to another, and next thing I saw he invited me to take part on the short documentary he was working on. Like everything BBC is very well made.

In 2019, I was featured by the UKRI as one of 15 female academics in Research and Innovation. They interviewed me about my career and impact on policy. If you want to hear more, click on the link below.

In 2018, I was invited to participate in the NHM Lates event, to talk about my research and impact on policy. Paula Vargas Pellicer help me on the day, which was full on. We didn’t get 5 minutes of break for a few hours. But it was worth tt!

In 2018, I was interviewed by Revista Fapesp about Pfeifer et al. 2017 Nature paper, of which I was a co-author. Maria Guimaraes wrote a very nice piece about our study and other similar research being published at the time.

In 2016, I was invited by the senior editors of Journal of Applied Ecology to write a blog about a paper I had just recommended (as my role of Associate Editor) for acceptance in that journal. The paper by Luc Barbaro and colleagues was published in 2016 and is now on free access. The title is a good summary of what they found! “Avian pest control in vineyards is driven by interactions between bird functional diversity and landscape heterogeneity”

I invited Michelle Harrison who was doing a PhD in the lab at the time to co-author it with me. Click below to find more about this really cool study.

Avian pest control in vineyards